Natasha Baker

Natasha Baker

1. Name an item on your farm that the young farmer’s of today wouldn’t have a clue about?

I am a young farmer and haven’t yet spotted anything on the farm that wouldn’t be known.


2. Do you work on the farm or off the farm, and what do you do?

Work off the farm, dental receptionist


3. What’s the best part of living on a farm?

The whole lifestyle, the beauty of outdoors and the livestock.


4. If money wasn’t an issue how would you develop your farm and why?

Modernise building’s that are used to keep the cattle in. They are aged and not the best designed.


5. What’s your ‘go to’ recipe when in need of a quick meal?

Cheesy potato pie


6. Have you diversified, and if so how?



7. What do you do to relax and de-stress?

Hmmm … occasionally meet up with friends for lunch.


8. If applicable, how do you cope with kids when on the farm? Any tips?

Keeping them occupied plays a massive part. Helping with duties.


9. Aga or Rayburn?



10. What’s your favourite job on the farm?

I love silage season!


11. Do you ever feel lonely due to the farming lifestyle, and if so what have you done to try to combat it?

I don’t feel lonely, but I feel I dont have many people who I can talk to about the lifestyle as they don’t understand.


12. Do you have a favourite recipe for bulk freezing and what is it?

Good old lasagne!


13. What’s your signature bake?

Lemon drizzle


14. Do you have a funny farm story?

Yes, my partner getting wiped out by a ram!


15. Do you have any home or farm hacks?

Home – vinegar to clean the glass on the wood-burner.

Farm – carry the essentials needed for the sheep in the vehicle (you can guarantee you’ll need something)


16. Besides your family, what’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?



17. Were you born to be a farmer’s wife, or were you destined for other things?

Definitely a farmers wife.


18. What’s the worst thing about living on a farm?

You dont ever comit to something without giving it a second thought.


19. As a farmer’s wife/partner, what top tip would you give to a new farmer’s wife?

Enjoy it, as stressful as it can be, its a beautiful place to be.


20. What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Natasha Baker The Crazy Life of a Farmer\'s Wife

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