A Guide to Surviving Harvest

A Guide to Surviving Harvest

Harvest time is gruelling, and not just for the farmer.
I mean, of course we feel for them don’t we ladies? They’re up at the crack of dawn, into the tractor and off they go! Sometimes not coming back in until the wee hours of the morning to get a few hours of shut eye before they’re at it again.
You’ve got to be made of tough stuff to keep that drive and we really do love and respect our farmers for it.

We see how tired they are.
We know how important it is to keep going.
We totally agree that the weather is so important to a good harvest, and of course we don’t want it to rain at the wrong time as it could totally ruin all they’ve worked so hard for. But sometimes, just sometimes, we do actually really want it to rain!
We are so sorry. We know we shouldn’t, we get how it could really screw things up for you but FARMER, WE MISS YOU!!

Summertime on the farm isn’t all skipping through fields of daisies with a wicker picnic basket in your hand and your love on your arm. In actual fact it’s never like that…

A Guide to Surviving Harvest The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Summertime means rarely seeing your love. It is making picnics, but those picnics are for farmer. And I’m sure you’ll all agree that it’s more of a sulky strut than a skip!

A Guide to Surviving Harvest The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

If you class yourself a “Harvest Widow” and can relate to what I’m saying then you might find this guide comes in handy as you prepare for another harvest without farmer.

Take Lunch to Him
Whenever you can, grab lunch and head to the field. Farmer can usually find 10 minutes, and if you have mini farmers they always love a picnic with Dad and his tractor in the field!

A Guide to Surviving Harvest The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

A Guide to Surviving Harvest The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Batch Cook
Batch cooking is literally the answer to everything when it comes to farming, and so why would harvest be any different!?
You don’t know when he will be home so batch cook and then separate into individual portions so that he can grab whatever he wants, at whatever time he crawls in!

Slow Cooker’s Save Lives
Whilst we are on the subject of food if you don’t already have a slow cooker, get one! They are tiny little miracle workers!
Make whatever you want in the morning (and you really can make anything in them) and leave it going until farmer wants it! Easy!

Befriend Other Farmer’s Wives
It always helps to have friends in the same field (Wink). When your farmer isn’t around, neither is theirs, so you can use each other for support!
Take the kids out together, or go over for a w(h)ine and cheese night! Just because he isn’t around doesn’t mean you have to sit at home alone!

If you’re not already a member then join our Facebook Group ‘The Crazy Life of a Farmer’s Wife’ to be connected to thousands of women who are going through the same thing and know exactly how you feel!

Go Along For the Ride!

A Guide to Surviving Harvest The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Picture by group member Jilly Robson

Try to make some time to go with him when you can.
This is obviously easier for those without kids, or those whose kids are at school. I can guarantee you he would love the company… And they don’t call it the girlfriend seat for nothing!

A Guide to Surviving Harvest The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Picture by group member Elena Fisher

Organisation is Key
For those of you that are with ‘hands on’ farmers who like to do their bit when it comes to the children, you may find it tough when harvest comes around and suddenly he’s not there to carry out normal routines. Maybe he usually packs the school lunch boxes, or baths the little ones at night. If this is the case then being one step ahead always helps. Get the school uniforms ready and placed out the night before, pack the lunches ready and stick them in the fridge overnight. It makes life a little easier.

And Lastly, Look at the Positives…
He’s not there on an evening to steal the remote!
Pour a glass of wine, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, watch that film that he’s moaned about not wanting to see, pig out and enjoy some YOU time!

A Guide to Surviving Harvest The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Here’s what the members of my online community said when asked for their tips…

“Plan lots of days out for the kids! I find if I can look at my calendar and see loads of upcoming plans I feel less lonely.”
Emma Collett

“Try not to say too much when you’ve had a great day out with the kids, as farmer already knows that he’s missing out and feels bad/guilty.
He doesn’t need it pointing out to him more”
Natalie Cundall

“Lower your expectations!”
Nicola Horace Hammett

“Have dark coloured bed sheets. White sheets and a dusty man who didn’t feel like a shower when he got in at silly o’clock is a bad combination!”
Emma Graves

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