A Patch of Paper

A Patch of Paper

Remember I showed you a small piece of beautiful wallpaper that I picked up a couple weeks ago? I said I was hoping to do something slightly unusual with it. Well, I’ve done it and it looks awesome!

Want to see? Of course you do! Here it is, what do you think?

A Patch of Paper The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

When we moved in there was a patch the same size as this paper of mosaic tiles. I’m not the biggest fan of mosaic anything so after a week I’d had enough of looking at them and ripped them out. Of course I was then faced with the question of what I was going to put there, and it took a while to figure it out.

At first I thought I’d paint a square patch of chalk board paint (like behind my Rayburn) and get a nice stencil to draw on it. Because splash backs seem so expensive I was going to cut a corner and looked for a large clear glass surface protector to stick over the top of it. Luckily I couldn’t find one large enough, I say lucky because I hadn’t thought of the fact that it would need to be a heat resistant piece of glass!

So it was back to the drawing board. Until I saw this beautiful wallpaper in Homebase. I didn’t know at the time what I wanted to do with it, I just knew I needed a piece. So I teared a bit off and when I got it home, as soon as I walked in I knew!

I had a look around for clear splash backs but they all seemed to be a minimum of around £90 and this close to Christmas I wasn’t prepared to pay that so I had a quick look on Ebay and found exactly what I was looking for – a toughened, heat resistant clear splash back with fittings, and the best bit? It was only £30.99!

A Patch of Paper The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

I’ve got to be honest, even whilst I was pasting the paper to the wall I wasn’t sure I was going to pull it off but I absolutely love it!

I’ve never seen anyone else do this before and that’s probably why I wasn’t sure if it would work but I’m so glad I followed my gut. I thought I’d never decide what I wanted behind that oven but today I’m one happy gal!

I fell in love with the wallpaper so much that I went back to Homebase and picked up a roll. The Homebase by my mum is shutting down and I got a roll for just £5! I’d had another idea but again I wasn’t sure I’d get away with it…

A Patch of Paper The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Do you think I did?

This is a bit of wall under the window by the back door. The door we tend to come in through, kick off our boots and leave by this wall. Well, this is a white wall and already I’m sick of having to keep washing it down because careless Farmer Ben is well, careless! So I’ve wallpapered it in the hope of masking the marks!

Can I just add that this was my first ever go at wallpapering… SMASHED IT!

Want to know what this cost me?

It cost £35.99!

Yep. For under £40 I’ve transformed this kitchen using a patch of paper and a piece of glass! It’s added warmth to the room as well as a really quirky feature.

A Patch of Paper The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

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