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It’s so much harder to review a service over a product. A product is visual, so you can hold it, and see it, and look at it whilst writing a review, but with a service you just have your memory don’t you? So I’m going to recall my experience as if it were a story as I think it will be easier understood.

My experience with Alison.Style is a very positive one. One that I would recommend, especially those who are lacking in confidence, uncomfortable or simply just need some pointers on how to feel better or look more like that picture in your head… You know the one, you look amazing, dressed head to toe in beautiful and elegant clothing, you’re drop dead gorgeous and everyone knows it… Then reality hits you as you remember where you are… Stood in the middle of the cattle shed in your men’s overalls, that fleece jacket with more holes than fleece and your poo covered wellies. Your hair pulled up in a scraggly ponytail as you haven’t got around to brushing it yet… This week!

Now most of the time we don’t actually mind the hair scrunched back, covered in crap look but sometimes, just sometimes, some of us like to play girly and get glammed up. Maybe it’s for a big event such as a friend’s wedding, maybe just for a date night with the man you vaguely remember you’re married to yet barely see. This is where Alison comes in, and man is she good?! Review The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

How it started

Alison first contacted me back in June after seeing me on Countryfile. She was very impressed with the online community that I’d created and being a farmer’s daughter herself from sunny Edinburgh she instantly understood why such a community was needed. It was lovely to chat about her farming history and hear that although she had hung up her wellies for a London life in fashion she still retuned home and dusted them off regularly to help out on the farm.

What Alison.Style does

Alison got in touch because she is a personal stylist and wanted to help women in general, but farm wives inparticular to feel more confident. She gets it, better than a stylist who has maybe lived in the city all her life. Because she knows the farming life, I believe she is better suited to helping farming wives feel awesome in themselves. Anyway Alison kindly offered to show me exactly what she does by styling me!

But I don’t live anywhere near London I hear you say!? That doesn’t matter at all as Alison works with clients online as well as in person. She explained to me that she works with all sorts of people from women who want to change their wardrobes when returning to work, or those dealing with a change in shape post baby, or just those busy women who really don’t have the time to shop!

I was super excited to find out what was involved as I’ve never been in a position to be able to afford this sort of service (the online service is available at £200) and so we set to working together…

What’s involved?

It started with a very simple multiple choice questionnaire about me. I had to answer 9 questions about me in order for Alison to gain a better idea of who I am. These questions asked my reasoning’s for wanting to use the service, what my everyday outfit would normally include and what brands I normally wear and my colours (skin, eyes, hair) as well as body shape. That was simple, I had answered all the questions in a few minutes and pinged it back to Alison. We then scheduled in a phone call for a few days later. She called and I can honestly say that it was just like chatting to a friend! Alison has a way of making you feel so relaxed even over the phone, it was as if we were old pals catching up!

I am very lacking in confidence since having my two beautiful boys as up until pregnancy I had always been a tiny size 8. I loved my body (of course I didn’t at the time because what young girl really does!? But now looking back I’d kill to have that figure again!). When I had my first born, Hugo I went from my lovely size 8 figure to what felt like a humongous size 14 and then when I had Teddy just 17 months after I found myself now in size 18 clothing! I felt hideous and lost all of my confidence and it felt like I went from one to the other in a blink of an eye! Alison was so understanding and empathetic as I explained how I felt and I really felt at ease talking through it with her.

We went through in a bit more detail during the phone call what I usually like to wear and what ‘look’ I’d really like to go for. I said “You know those country shows like The Shooting Show and the women are all wearing tweed and beautiful tan boots and capes… I absolutely love that look but I just don’t think it would ever suit me”.

After she had all she needed from me Alison asked that I send her a quick picture of me in something like leggings and a top so that she could see my body shape and then explained that she would now go away and work on my ‘edit’ for a week or so. She explained that she would create a 30 page online document featuring lots of different head to toe looks, some that I’d usually go for and some that I’d probably never dare to think about. She would build specifically for me and my height, shape, colouring, lifestyle, budget. The idea being that I can then go off and shop using the edit in my own time and to suit my budget with no added pressures of feeling like I have to buy something that I don’t feel comfortable in. Alison explained that she would add loads of notes within the edit itself to explain how to dress the pieces up and down and how to mix and match to suit all occasions.

The Edit

As promised the day soon arrived when the edit pinged into my inbox, I was so excited to see what Alison had put together. I opened the attachment to find pages and pages of beautiful clothing and a note at the top from Alison explaining that she was so excited to do this for me that she had added in some extra bits and had struggled to stop herself. I loved that. She is so passionate about her job and truly enjoys helping ladies to feel better in themselves, this absolutely shines through.

The note explained a little about the looks she had created, what she thought I’d like best going on my desired look. She explained that I could click on the pictures and that they would take me through to the shop so that I could purchase it then and there if I wanted and she also explained that she had included high street brands and premium brands so that every taste was catered for. Review The Crazy Farmer\'s WifeAs I skimmed through the edit I was impressed as I could instantly ‘see myself’ in these looks. Looks that I’d never even thought about before! Included was everything from jewellery and clothing to make up and even skincare! She really had thought of it all! Review The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Each picture was set out in a group, so that you could basically see the whole outfit and could easily visualise how it would all look together. Under each picture was the brand and price and if it was currently in the sale Alison made a little note so that you were aware. On every page were little notes from Alison, little hints on how to wear this item or style, for instance “tuck it in here” or “Wear the red dress with the gold earrings” She basically dumbed everything down so that you knew exactly how to wear every piece and she added in little extras too just in case I felt like spoiling myself. There was a lovely eye mask, make up remover and some primer on there too!

She definitely thinks of everything. From occasion to item!

After I’d had some time Alison got back in touch to ask what I thought and to answer any questions I might have had and made it clear that her door, or inbox, was always open should I need any advice. It was great to know that just because the job was done didn’t mean that was the end should I want any further assistance.



Did I take the advice?

Obviously there were items on there that were an absolute no go for me but I was expecting that as Alison had previously explained that she would cater for the comfortable to the extreme and some things I just didn’t feel would be me at all, however this was maybe three items total.

Of course there’s also the fact that I don’t have an endless supply of money so I couldn’t just buy everything and then try it all on but I have absolutely used the edit over time and still use it Review The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

 to work my way through the items id like. I also try things on in shops that I’d never normally try thanks to the edit as ill see something in a shop and remember that there was something similar on the edit and find myself in the changing rooms Review The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

. Some things I’ve liked and bought, some things again I didn’t feel too settled in and put them back on the shelf.

But overall I have absolutely taken the advice I was given. I’ve ticked off the tweed cape, a couple of ponchos and a tweed bag, I am the proud owner of some beautiful tan boots (although can’t afford the ones I really want). I’ve got the jeans Alison advised on as well as a few of the tops and hats!

Unfortunately I don’t get to too many events where I’d need to dress up but we do have a friend’s wedding coming up in May and I will absolutely be consulting my trusty edit again! And that’s the best bit… I always have this document to refer back to any time I like!





So what did I think?

I firstly feel so very lucky to have been offered this amazing opportunity and loved every minute and it has been a real pleasure to get to know Alison, what she does is very important especially to people like me who have lost their confidence and don’t quite know how to dress their new various lumps and bumps. The items that I have added to my collection have made me feel like a different person and its amazing what a bit of knowledge in the fashion area can do for ones anxieties.

The customer service that Alison provides is exceptional. She is super friendly and so passionate about her work, nothing is too much trouble.

Although £200 can seem a bit daunting and most people I’m sure will think there are things they’d rather spend their hard earned cash on. To those people though I’d say if you can and you feel similar to me, just give it a go and trust in the expert. Alison knows what she is doing and I can honestly say that when I’m wearing the clothing she has suggested I feel like the ‘old me’ again. For that Alison I thank you from the bottom of my heart, that feeling is priceless. Review The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

You can start your journey to a new wardrobe and to a new you by contacting Alison herself and here is the best bit… For a farm wife in need Alison is offering a FREE CONSULTATION to all Crazy Farm Wife followers!

Alison McDougal


Phone: 07595262394


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