Catherine Wignall

Catherine Wignall

1. Name an item on your farm that the young farmer’s of today wouldn’t have a clue about?

De beaker

2. Do you work on or off that farm? And what do you do? 

I’m an Accountant

3. What’s the best part of living on a farm?

The peace and quiet

4. If money wasn’t an issue how would you develop your farm and why? 

New buildings for lambing and cattle sheds

5. What’s your ‘go to’ recipe when in need of a quick meal? 

Stir fry

6. Have you diversified, and if so how? 


7. What do you do to relax and de-stress? 

Sheep apparently!

8. If applicable, how do you cope with kids when on the farm? Any tips?

All grown now. They just used to muck in

9. Aga or Rayburn? 

Aga but I don’t have one

10. What’s your favourite job on the farm?

Sorting fat lambs

11. Do you ever feel lonely due to the farming lifestyle, and if so what have you done to try to combat it?

Not lonely as I have a “proper job” off the farm

12. Do you have a favourite recipe for bulk freezing and what is it?

Lasagne or beef stew

13. What’s your signature bake?

Lemon drizzle and parkin (No oatmeal)

14. Do you have a funny farm story? 

Too many to think of!

15. Do you have any home or farm hacks? 

Bite tongue when working with other half. They get too stressy and it’s not really my fault!

16. Besides your family, what’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? 


17. Were you born to be a farmer’s wife, or were you destined for other things? 

Should have been a surveyor

18. What’s the worst thing about living on a farm? 


19. As a farmer’s wife/partner, what top tip would you give to a new farmer’s wife? 

Feed them and f@#k them. Keep them sweet!

20. What was the last picture you took on your phone? Please share it with us!

Catherine Wignall The Crazy Life of a Farmer\'s Wife

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