Chloe’s Banana Bread Recipe

Chloe’s Banana Bread Recipe

You’ll need:

250g butter

250g flour

250g caster sugar

3 mashed bananas that have seen better days (You should have chucked them days ago)

3 medium eggs

Approx 1tbsp cinnamon (the magic touch)

What you’ll need to do:

It’s so simple…

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees

Mix the butter with the sugar

Add the mashed bananas

Beat and add the eggs and mix

Mix in the flour

Add the cinnamon

Note:For best results use an electric mixer

Give it all a good whiz in the mixer (I don’t like any bananary lumps!) and then stick it in a loaf tin and pop it in the oven for around 45-60 minutes

TOP TIP: Eat warm from the oven for the yummiest snack

Chloe's Banana Bread Recipe The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

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