We’ve got you covered with ‘Country & Coastal’

We've got you covered with 'Country & Coastal' The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

I am so excited to announce that Instagram’s lovely Country & Coastal

has agreed to join us to share her tips and tricks to all things

country clobber! Enjoy!


Behind The Name

Merry is the clever lady behind the name ‘Country & Coastal’ and her Instagram account came about fairly recently (Roughly 9 months ago) when a group of girls that she regularly chats with suggested she create it after sending them some outfit suggestions. They were so impressed with what she had put together they gave her the nudge she needed to get out there and i for one am very glad that she did!

Merry is 28 years old and is originally from Suffolk though she is currently living in Yorkshire but claims to always have been a country girl, regardless of moving around a lot… Maybe that’s why she is so good at what she does!

Her wardrobe is a mixture from high street to a few more expensive bits and that’s why I love her – She isn’t just ‘top of the market’ like many fashion blogs and pages you see where you are left feeling sad that you’ll never afford to look like that. Merry puts amazing outfits together, that make you look a million dollars but it’s realistic and affordable.

Keep a regular eye on this page for all of the latest outfit ideas from Country & Coastal but if you have a particular question for Merry, maybe you have a big event coming up and don’t have a clue where to start, then please do send us a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page and Merry will do her best to answer it right here!

We've got you covered with 'Country & Coastal' The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife
We've got you covered with 'Country & Coastal' The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife
We've got you covered with 'Country & Coastal' The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife
We've got you covered with 'Country & Coastal' The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife
Are you heading out to a bonfire or  firework display? I thought I’d put together a couple of outfits which would be perfect for this while still being cosy and warm. I’ve paired both looks with my Fairfax & Favor imperial explorers but your favourite choice of country boot whether it be Dubarry’s, wellies etc would work perfectly as well – I hope you like them!
Skirt and roll neck – Primark
Hat – Reiss
Long coat – Joules
Jeans – Next
Jumper – La Radout
Hat – Rydale
Gilet – Schoffel
Wax jacket – Barbour


We've got you covered with 'Country & Coastal' The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife
Where do your weekends take you?
 Whether your weekend is a chance to slow the pace down and just spend the day how you want to…Maybe a walk with the family and dogs and then a stop at a country pub or popping into town quickly to run a few errands, or if you still have jobs to do like checking on the animals before the weekend is truly yours; we all know animals don’t stop just because it’s the weekend!
 I think the weekend is a perfect chance to have an outfit that will cover all bases and is classic but hard working for whatever you get up to.
So I’ve gone for jeans, a Joules checked shirt,  my red padded gilet and my Fairfax and Favor boots – which for me is an outfit I know just works. With the red running through the outfit it’s all tied together which I like a outfit to do.

I ordered this dark green dress from Warehouse which I thought would be perfect for a wedding as it’s smart but has long sleeves so will help keep you slightly warmer on a chilly day, and I loved the colour of it. It’s also currently in the sale so a perfect opportunity to grab an outfit for a wedding if you need one.

Now when it comes to heels I’m rubbish but I’ve got my trusty Marks and Spencer’s nude heels which I know I can walk in and don’t want to take them off within five minutes of having them on, plus nude goes with everything.
Next is this gorgeous faux fur stole/wrap which I picked up in TK maxx, which again will go perfectly with the nude heels and add a extra layer of warmth and some texture to the outfit, I’ve been after something like this for ages. TK maxx have all their hats and scarves in store now so definitely worth a look if you are after something similar.
And finally to finish off the outfit is my simple nude clutch bag to pop all those essentials in without taking everything and the kitchen sink and I’ve added one of my green Fairfax & Favor tassels in green to tie the whole outfit together, or maybe you could add a pheasant fascinator, or pin if you wanted to instead.

Dress- Warehouse currently £36.80
Heels- Marks and Spencer £29.99
Clutch bag- Marks and Spencer £20
Faux fur stole/wrap-TK maxx £12.99
Tassels- Fairfax & Favor £20


We've got you covered with 'Country & Coastal' The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

“With burgundy fast becoming one of my favourite colours this year I thought I would do a look based around some of the pieces I have got in my wardrobe.

My trusty Barbour wax jacket is my go to coat in autumn/winter and I’ve paired it with a burgundy cord skirt and a Joules harbour top, and then tied it all together again with burgundy accessories.

I will be the first to admit that I’m not the most girly of girls but I have been trying to push myself out of  my comfort zone, so I love how this outfit turned out. The top and skirt go perfectly together without making me feel too overdressed.”

Jacket – Barbour

Top – Joules

Hat – Rydale

Scarf – Wild and Westbrooke (Gifted)

Skirt – Primark

Boots – Fairfax and Favor

Your Questions Answered…

I’d like to update my wardrobe with a few pieces to make me look ‘more country’ but I don’t have a lot of money. What would you suggest?

I would start with the basics. Get some good fitting basics like jeans that you feel amazing in. My go to jeans are usually from Marks & Spencer and Next, and then fill it in from there with stripey tops and checked shirts etc

Joules has a sale on right now, I hardly ever buy harbour tops full price. I have also found some real gems in Primark that can easily be worked into a country wardrobe. Look at Ebay, TKmaxx and Rydale too and dont forget the supermarkets, Theyve definately upped their game in the clothing department.

Below are two outfits that I’ve put together using sale items or items that were very reasonably priced. I would however say that spending a bit more on a couple of key pieces will make that difference. For me that’s footwear, like my Chelsea Boots. They were £90 but they go with everything.

Thanks for your question. I hope I’ve helped.

We've got you covered with 'Country & Coastal' The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Gilet - Rydale £35 Jeans - Next £25 Shirt - Joules £15 Chelsea Boots - Clarks £30

We've got you covered with 'Country & Coastal' The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Jumper - Primark (Men's Section) £5 Gilet - Amazon Baleno £21 Skirt - Warehouse Sale £15 Fedora - Wild and Westbrook Sale £49

If you have a question for Merry please do use the contact form below!