Countryside Connections ~ Rural Broadband Specialists

Countryside Connections ~ Rural Broadband Specialists

Whilst we were at a recent local agricultural show I spotted a tent that I hadn’t seen before. They were advertising better broadband for people in rural communities!

At first I thought “It can’t be true, I’m destined to be stuck with shockingly low speeds forever” and I knew Farmer Ben would grumble about me wanting to know more but I managed to drag him over, and I’m so glad that I did!

I explained to Morgan that we live on a farm and that we have super slow broadband speeds of 2.3mbs. That I run a business from home which heavily relies on the Internet and that I’m fed up of having to pay the same price as those who live in town who are getting 59mbs!

He totally agreed and explained that he was working with a Welsh government scheme, and that as part of the scheme he would come out to us to see if we were eligible (free of charge), and he was very convincing when he said “I’ll get you 53mbs”

Now, I may run an online business but I am really not tech savy at all and when it comes to mbs and all that it goes completely over my head. Luckily Farmer Ben was there to ask the relevant questions, the most important I guess being ‘Do you need 4G? When he answered yes all that hope and all those visions of a life where I can be on my phone whilst Farmer Ben catches up on Peaky Blinders vanished but he was adament that he’d get it so we booked a date!

He turned up on a miserable wet and foggy day and set to finding a connection. It wasn’t looking good when he started climbing various sheds but after nearly an hour the fog lifted and there it was, a connection of 53mb!! So, we filled in the relevant paperwork and off it went to the government.

Morgan explained that it can take around 3 months to hear back, but for a super fast Internet speed I can wait that long! He explained that once we’ve been accepted for the scheme he will return and fit the very small box to the house (also free of charge). All we have to do is go to either EE or Three (depending on the network he can pick up) before that and buy a sim card. Once it’s all set up we will have a pay monthly contract with EE for £22 a month, or Three for £34 a month! Pennies compared to what we are currently paying with the diabolical company that sounds a little like ‘TB’!

Countryside Connections ~ Rural Broadband Specialists The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

I was so impressed with this scheme and Morgans work that I had to share it with you as I bet there are so many more rural sufferers who have no clue about it!

My only concern was that because this is The Welsh Access Broadband Scheme it might not be available to everyone so I got back in touch with Morgan who explained:

“Whilst l am happy for you to share my contact with anyone you think would benefit, as I am based in South Wales, l would need a few people interested who live further afield to make things viable. Would you be able to communicate this for me?

The Grant I promote and use is the Access Broadbrand Cymru scheme which is only available for welsh households and business, however im happy to work all over the uk if it is a viable option”

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated as we progress through the process and will be sure to brag about my super fast broadband as soon as its up and running!

Here’s Morgans details for anybody who wants to book an appointment or wants some more info.

Morgan Jones

Mobile: 07791 572 683


And CLICK HERE to visit his Facebook Page.

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    Claire Stanley
    Posted at 20:15h, 01 October Reply

    Morgan fitted ours a few months ago, and arranged the grant for us. Got proper speed broadband now, tidy!

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