Crazy Bloggers

Our three Crazy Farm Wife Bloggers are fantastic writers, passionate about all corners of agriculture and the madness that it brings, and of course, they are all in love with a farmer!!

Here to entertain, make you think, bring tears and laughter… Here are our very own Crazy Bloggers!!



Vicky Hooper

Crazy Bloggers The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

In the taster blog post that Vicky put together she reminded me so much of myself. She wrote about how she’d always envisioned a romantic life, skipping around the farm with a wicker hamper taking lunch to her love in the field. She then went on to explain the actual reality which had me in fits of laughter… and I’m sure she will have you laughing along too!

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Georgie Mitchell (the nests little smallholding)

Crazy Bloggers The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Georgie is an inspiration to all. A hardworking mummy to three gorgeous little ones who keep her pretty busy alone… but throw in several farming jobs and a small holding and you soon understand why she’s so brilliantly bonkers!! I’ve been a huge Georgie fan from day one… she says it like it is but with a gigantic heart of gold and like myself is hugely passionate about positivity and well being. You’re sure to be entertained!

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The girl in the green tractor

Crazy Bloggers The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

The girl in the green tractor is our farmer girl and I’m so happy to have her here, doing it for the girls! I wanted to find a blogger that was a farmer first and that is definitely this lady! A tractor driver/ farmer from Northumberland, she lives on a dairy farm with her boyfriend and works on arable and livestock farms around the area too! So she gives more of a farmer view of life and is really interesting to read as well as being really supportive of girls completely new to farming and I’m sure will offer loads of tips and advice!!

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So that’s our bloggers! 

We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature, we can’t wait for your feedback and of course we can’t wait to follow these awesome women and their lives!