Farm Diversification

Farm Diversification

Change. It can be best thing in the world or could feel like the worlds coming to an end. Our main worry about change is normally the fear of the unknown or the risk, most farmers also think if something works why change it? This can hold back the farm from its full potential, make it harder for the younger generation to take over and it can quickly rule out any money making ideas you’ve had just because you’re scared incase it goes wrong! However, I agree some things work and should simply be left alone, but there’s so many possibilities we hold ourselves back from. Without a simple change of seasons our ewes wouldn’t come in to tupping and our crops wouldn’t be ready to harvest. If we don’t change our sire, there would be a mess of inbreeding and increase in health problems. The point is change is needed, however small or big. That’s why this year I want you to not hold back, not put an idea to the side because it seems too hard; if it was easy everyone would do it! Get your arse in gear and just do it! Because you can!

I’d say one of the biggest changes of 2019 will be brexit, if I’m honest I’m actually sick of hearing about it, what will happen will happen. But that’s the real question isn’t it… what’s going to happen? The answer… who the hell knows. With all the stick agriculture is getting this year from vegans,etc and no one really knowing how they’re food is produced anymore apart from that it comes from Tesco has kicked me to make my own change. I decided a while ago I wanted to try and cut out the middle man by selling our own lamb/ beef boxes and this year is where I start. There was so many worries why not to and a million why I should. I generally found that the public are willing to pay for a quality product from the producer and with bbq season coming up what is holding me back!

So what’s your idea?

How can you diversify your farm?

Well if you have absolutely no idea why don’t you have a look at my farm diversification list!

Farm diversification list

1-Christmas trees

2-container/caravan storage


4-pick your own (strawberries,pumpkins)


6-metal detecting for large groups (pay £10-£15 a head)

7-hold car boot sales

8-charge local shoot to use land

9-rear birds for local shoot

10-veg/meat boxes


12-school visits

13-open a farm park, tractor rides, maze,play area, cafe

14-open air cinema

15-music festival

16-kennels or cattery

17-host weddings (marque, barn conversion) could be diy where you only supply the land.

18-solar panels/wind turbines

19- grow flowers to sell

20- buy a log splitter and sell logs

21-contact brownies/scouts about camping

22-hold craft fairs/farmers markets

23- rent secure field by the hour to dog walkers

24-horse livery (diy,part or full- tailor it to what suits you)

25-if you have woods rent it out for paint balling,bmx or 4×4

26-sell own pork/beef/lamb to the public or restaurants/pubs

27-make cheeses/ice cream

28-host horse shows (normally pay around £10 per class and £2 first aid per horse) 29-hold agri show,ploughing match,tractor rally

30-set up a cross country course for horses and rent out pet hour (could go around your arable fields or in fields which fit in with your rotation in the summer)

31-rent signage space in roadside fields to businesses

32-nature/obstacle course

33-rent office/building to local business

34-fishing lake

35-grow apple trees/make cider

36-rent space o bee keepers or do it yourself and sell honey

37-barn dance/rent barn out for parties

38-vintage car rally

39-holiday cottage/shepherds hut

40- run rural crafts days or rent the space out in a barn or marque (willow weaving,wreath making)

41- riding school

42-boot camps/tough mudder experience

43-vineyard (depending on loacation)

44-spin wool and sell

45- goat milk or meat

46- sheep milk

47- venison

48- unusual eggs (quail, duck)

49-edible flowers/herbs for cooking


51-alpacas or llamas for wool

52- brewery enterprise


54-open a farm shop

55-clay pigeon shooting

56-open farm sunday

57-cookery school

58-caravan site


60-milk vending machines

Well what are you waiting for? Wether it’s beginning a new enterprise, hobby or continuing something you already love doing; just do it!

The girl in the green Tractor x

  • Avatar
    Debbie Hutton
    Posted at 07:48h, 20 March Reply

    Definitely gets you thinking, plenty of good ideas some of which I have discussed but not taken the next step. It’s difficult when you have married into the farm and still seen as an outsider by the in-laws!

    • The Crazy Farmer’s Wife
      The Crazy Farmer’s Wife
      Posted at 08:31h, 20 March Reply

      I absolutely, totally get this! I have so many ideas but can’t do anything with them as it’s “not my farm!”
      All we can do is be sure that the next generation feel welcome and feel that it’s just as much theirs.

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