Farm Wife Christmas Hacks

Farm Wife Christmas Hacks

Farming families can be a lot bigger than the average family, what with multiple generations generally living on the same farm, they all come together during the festivities and this can be one hell of a stressful time for the host… We’ve asked the best of the best when it comes to Christmas Day hacks and here’s the advice they gave on everything from the perfect turkey to time-saving on the farm!


  • Cook the turkey on its breast. It allows the juices to run into it. Turn over at the end to brown the skin – Sarah Jane New

  • In the neck of the turkey add sage and onion stuffing made with sausage meat. In the cavity put a whole onion and an apple. Rub the turkey all over with unsalted butter and then cover the top of the turkey with streaky bacon. Cover with three layers of foil and cook very slowly. Lift out of the oven 1 hour before serving and leave to rest covered in at least two thick towels. The oven is then free to do roasties, parsnips etc etc – Karen Robinson

Farm Wife Christmas Hacks The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife


  • Get your sausage stuffings made now and freeze – Jennifer Tainsh

  • Saute the turkey liver in butter, chop up and add to sage and onion stuffing. Bake in the oven – Alison Elizabeth Smith

Farm Wife Christmas Hacks The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Vegetables & Sides

  • Boil the POTATOES until nearly cooked. Drain and fluff up in a colander. Melt goose fat in a pan and then baste, baste, baste those potatoes…Crispy!! – Andrea Beck

  • Add a little sugar to the water when boiling the SPROUTS, cut 2 onions up and soften them, add some garlic and then throw a load of chopped smoked bacon in. After the bacon has nearly cooked put your sprouts in and fry them all together. Put them in an oven proof dish, sprinkle some cheese on and cover up with tin foil. Cook for 25 minutes and its ready! – Moira Wilkinson Mudd

  • RUNNER BEANS and cubed fried BACON, finished in whole cream in the frying pan – Lucy Allison

  • Part cook the SPROUTS and then fry in butter with some chopped chestnuts and bacon pieces – Barbara Taylor

  • Peel and chop all the veg and set the table the day before – Ceri Morgan

  • For the perfect YORKSHIRE PUDDINGS set oven to 200, weigh eggs (e.g 102g), add the same weight of flour (102g) and again with the milk. Whisk and then add a splash of cold water. Spray tins with fry light, heat and then add the batter to the pre-heated tins. Cook for approx 10 minutes – Vicky Lamb

Farm Wife Christmas Hacks The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife


  • CINNAMON ALMONDS – Make up a big jar of cinnamon sugar (4:1 ration caster sugar:ground cinnamon) so that you have it on hand. Beat an egg white until its broken up and slightly frothy, stir in a load of almonds until theyre coated and toss them with a load on cinnamon sugar. Chuck them ontpo a baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper anfd pop in the oven. Move them around every 5 minutes or so until theyre nicely browned. Let them cool, break them up if theyre stuck together and be prepared to eat WAY more than you’d planned! – Lesley Midwinter

Farm Wife Christmas Hacks The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

General Tips

  • Philippa Davies says to have your Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve… Think shes nuts? Many actually agree, Philippa’s reasoning’s behind this are that you’ve then got the whole day on Christmas Eve to prep, it kick starts your Christmas once the farmer comes in for the night, its a great lead up to the kids Christmas Eve boxes and it frees up the big day itself to allow more time for present playing and TV watching. Philippa then does cold cuts and chips on Christmas Day and a smaller cooked dinner on Boxing Day… Still think shes crazy? I think she’s a bloody genius!!

  • Sandra Hayball’s tip is to look after yourself, your husband and your children first and stop trying please everyone. 

  • Nicola Horace Hammett’s family plan their Christmas dinner in November. Because there are over 14 of them they all pick an “Its not Christmas without” dish. They then divvy out the dishes and everyone srrives on the big day with their bit!

  • Buy cheap disposable foil trays. It saves washing up! – Sue Fletcher

Farm Wife Christmas Hacks The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

On the farm

  • Farmer Ben’s Christmas tip is to cut open all the silage bales the night before and load up the straw chopper, saving you around 30 minutes on Christmas morning!

Farm Wife Christmas Hacks The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Well I have definitely learned a few new tricks and ill be sure to put them to practice this year. If you try out any of these fab hacks please be sure to let us know how you got on. You can send an email to

And please feel free to add your hacks and tips below in the comments!

Farm Wife Christmas Hacks The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Have a very merry and stress free Christmas! 

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