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We've been working hard to create a beautiful home for our family. Follow this page for updates as we go!
Farmhouse to Farmhome The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

In May of this year we swapped houses with my in laws and moved from our beautiful cottage on the side of the farm, to the main farmhouse on the busiest of our two yards. Since then, and in between farm work and general life, we have been updating it and putting our stamp on our new home. The second we moved in we set to transforming the place and already the changes have been incredible! Unfortunately we don’t have an endless supply of money so the process will be slow but there are ways of making a difference without having to burn a hole, and so I’ll be using this space to share the transformations that we have made so far (the small ones and the big ones) and those still to come.

As most of my followers will already know I strongly believe that in order for you to feel like the house is your home it is vital to at least chuck a bit of paint around. If you don’t change it up and put your own stamp on it then it will never feel like your home, because you are still living like those before you. I have spoken to women who have seen my posts on this subject before, who have then gone and changed bits of their home and are so surprised at how it changed the feel of the place for them. The fact that I have helped those women to feel more “at home” is a pretty amazing feeling!


I’m no expert when it comes to home renovations, decor and everything else that comes with these types of projects and I know that my taste is just that, my taste. It won’t be for everybody, but anyone that has visited either of our homes has complimented us on how homely and welcoming they feel. I must thank my Mum and my Auntie Alison for the gift of being able to make a house a home. They are the masters of this process. My parents have bought several run down houses over the years and my mum has made each home so welcoming and cosy, and my Aunt who happened to marry a soldier also has these magical powers too…Even when moving from army barrack to army barrack she was always able to make her home a beautiful place. So I have definitely learned from two of the best!

I am thoroughly enjoying doing up the farmhouse and have so many ideas for each room. It  is an amazing feeling when you’ve finished whatever it was you started and are able to really stand back and admire work you have done, and the difference that it has made. Our homes (as farming folk) are our sanctuaries and although I get how hard it can be to keep on top of the home after all the farm work, paper work and all the other work; we spend more time in them than your average family, so I think its really important for it to be a warm and inviting environment where you can kick off those wellies at the end of the day and really relax.

I think I’m going to enjoy sharing our home with you and I would love to see what you’ve done with your farm homes too so please do send me your pictures and I will try and feature them on this page. We wont all have the same tastes but we can all celebrate the hard work, careful planning and dedication that goes into making our homes special for each of us, and who knows maybe we will be able to pick up some ideas off one another too!

Chloe x

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A Patch of Paper

Farmhouse to Farmhome The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

A Touch of Halloween

Farmhouse to Farmhome The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife