Flo Giles

Flo Giles

1. Name an item on your farm that the young farmers of today wouldn’t have a clue about?

Straw elevator

2. Do you work on or off that farm? And what do you do? 

I work on a couple of dairy farms as a relief milker as well as a full time student in my last year of doing a BSc Agriculture at Royal Agricultural University.

3. What’s the best part of living on a farm?

Waking up to the sound of songbirds

4. If money wasn’t an issue how would you develop your farm and why? 

Invest in technology to make life a little easier

5. What’s your ‘go to’ recipe when in need of a quick meal? 

Pasta. Tin toms, tom puree, aubergine, garlic and any meat in the fridge with a tonne of cheese on top. Takes 20 mins!

6. Have you diversified, and if so how? 

My old job we diversified to milk vending machines (at the time we where 3 of the 5 in country)

7. What do you do to relax and de-stress? 

A hot bath

8. If applicable, how do you cope with kids when on the farm? Any tips?

No kiddies, just a fur baby!

9. Aga or Rayburn? 

Aga all the way! Just cant cook on them!

10. What’s your favourite job on the farm?

Calf rearing

11. Do you ever feel lonely due to the farming lifestyle, and if so what have you done to try to combat it?

Yes. I learned to balance work and social life.

12. Do you have a favourite recipe for bulk freezing and what is it?

I don’t really bulk freeze I normally make sure there are pizzas etc…

13. What’s your signature bake?


14. Do you have a funny farm story? 

We were rounding up the sheep and the other farm hand got in way of the sheep dog and the dog took him out, it was a slow motion fall mid air!

15. Do you have any home or farm hacks? 

I cant think of any now…

16. Besides your family, what’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? 

My dog, Bertie Basset

17. Were you born to be a farmer’s wife, or were you destined for other things? 

Naa born and bred to annoy the farmer

18. What’s the worst thing about living on a farm? 

Not getting away from work

19. As a farmer’s wife/partner, what top tip would you give to a new farmer’s wife? 

Stand no shit from anyone – farmer, reps, workers and in laws!

20. What was the last picture you took on your phone? Please share it with us! 

Flo Giles The Crazy Life of a Farmer\'s Wife

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