My Intro Blog

My Intro Blog

Welcome to all you lovely readers that have come across my blog! May that be by fluke or by looking purposely!

I thought it best to introduce myself first before the monthly blogging of chaos ,farming,  motherhood , humour,  possible swearing and anything else in between.

I’m Georgie, a lipstick wearing, lover of pink , 32 years young mother of 3 brilliantly wild feral farming kids, who without them I wouldn’t be insane.. first generation farmer, which totally came about by total accident (almost like my 3 children ) I’m sure the full accidental farming story will come about further on into blogs! But it started off with an orphan lamb.

So I farm cows, sheep, pigs, goats and poultry on my smallholding in the good ol’ Lancashire so I’m a Lancashire lass through and through! Bizarrely I’m not fixated by corrination street or consume Lancashire hot pot daily; I just have the Lancashire twang.

I also milk on other dairy farms during the night and early hours of the weekends.  This has become funnily enough my ” me time”.

My days are spent at 100 miles an hour and involve nothing but madness , kids and animals.  The older 2 kids are at school now so it’s me and Peggy the 7 month old. She’s normally sharing her pram with a goat! She’s the most content happy baby ever and her wardrobe is fabulous of funky hand knitted  knitwear!  So if you are a knitter.. wink wink. I just have to hang about and beg other people’s relatives to knit for us.

I adore being a momma and love the adventure, chaos and extreme differences of being a farming momma! My kids love the farm life, for me I see it such a wonderful childhood that teaches them so much of responsibility,  empathy , life , death and in my case running really fast after escaped goats and swearing!

Oh I do have a “other half ” who wants to remain unidentified…. not for legal reasons just his sanity I think! I think he does actually like the farming the life, he just dosnt want to admit it. He does get stuck in and comes in real handy at lifting heavy things, opening gates and wrestling large horny tups. I guess he’s my best friend , soul mate and the person who listens to my constant waffling. However I really do know he hates it when I bring unexpected ” found animals ” like the teeny tiny farm kitten last week!

But I’ve worked out the ultimate savour of getting things and that’s to “be kind” to him, you should really try it. Power to the womanhood n all that!

I’m a total lover and believer of manifesting and posting thinking. The power of the mind is what gets you places! I owe this bonkers brilliant life to manifesting the heck out of my dreams and ambitions.

Well, what to expect from my future blogs. It won’t be apple pie recipes or knitting advise or anything remotely ” housewife or crafty “…. I’m still trying to find those talents.

It will be life on the farm with me, my kids and animals.  Tales of mishaps , accidents and total chaos. Stray kittens, escaped goats and lost sheep. The love for positive  thinking , motherhood the joys, the falls, the happiness and the guilt.  The constant battle of the adult activity all us women love to avoid and why the OH can’t put bloody clothes in the washing basket.

I’ve also got a new venture that’s still under wraps , how I’ve kept my mouth shut for so long is a miracle . But keep posted and all will be revealed.

So much love and well;  if you’ve got to the end well done!

I look forward to blogging and capturing your attention.

For now, namaste x

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