Gift Ideas for a Country Lass

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass

Whether you are looking for gifts for your wife, mum or friend I have got you covered. That’s right, rest easy knowing that I have spent weeks handpicking and searching for the best gifts for my fellow farm wives, country gals and faithful followers, and I really have put my heart into this, these women mean a lot to me and you should be spoiling them! 

So have a look around. You’ll find a whole variety of products at a whole range of prices, suiting everybody’s price range.


Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

I had to kick this off with Barker & Sloane, they’re beautiful skincare products would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors.

They’re products are themed around the British countryside and shooting and they have some brilliant product names. You’ll find ‘Daily Defender’ moisturiser, ’12 Bore Boost Mist’ and ‘Overnight Recovery’ just to name a few and the best bit? This brand is all about British farming with their natural skincare products developed and manufactured on their farm in Wiltshire using British botanical oils from British farmers!

Any land loving lady is sure to be chuffed to unwrap any of their products but I would recommend their Discovery Sets  as they give you a taster of a few products, and they come in a lovely tweed bag too!

Visit the shop

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Hicks & Brown

Hicks & Brown offer a range of elegant and classy hats designed for the country lifestyle. They are a team made up of two sisters who were born into farming and again I love the idea that buying from this company is “keeping it in the family” so to speak!

Hicks & Brown don’t just offer hats though, so it’s worth stopping by their website to check out their bags, belts, brooches & pins and jackets too, and they also offer a gift card just in case you aren’t sure which the lucky lady you are buying for would like!

Visit the shop.

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

When I get too excited I swear, so just know that I am swearing out loud as I write this because this is the most AMAZING idea!!

Feather and Fell (again another farming couple rocking it!) have come up with such a great idea – a quarterly country subscription box! You sign up, or in this case sign up for the lucky gift receiver and they will get a box each quarter full of country goodies! I really, really am keeping everything crossed that this box turns up on my doorstep one day. I might just have to leave the laptop open on this page for a certain Farmer Ben to come across…

Feather and Fell have put so much thought into this and it shines through the carefully selected and beautiful products that they include in each box, and the best bit is you don’t know what you’re going to get so it’s always a surprise, and what girl doesn’t like a surprise!?

This is totally a must have for any country lover and you will absolutely get top gifting points!

Visit the shop.

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Savvy’s Yard

Their tagline is “For country inspired living” and they aren’t wrong! For me? One of everything please!

At Savvy’s Yard you’ll find so many beautiful products from kitchen and home to stable and garden and with every product inspired by country living you”ll definitely find something for the lucky lady!

There are a range of products that you can customise too to suit your giftee’s lifestyle. Choose from some beautiful patterns; Landrover, sheep and hens just to name a few!


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Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Farmer Ben’s Aunty Liz is one of the best and most wacky present-givers I know. You never know what you’ll get from her but one thing is for sure – It’ll be different… and that’s why I love her! My Mother-in-Law received a beautiful sheep footstool from Aunty Liz this year and she got us a brilliant sheep shaped loo roll holder when we moved into the farmhouse in May. So I had to ask her where she gets all these fab gifts from, and she told me too…. Red Candy!

Now, you’ll want to set aside some time for this online store, and be warned that you’ll come across some pretty ‘out there’ items along the way (keep your eye out for the Nachosaurus!) BUT you will find some pretty cool gifts in there too! Red Candy is home to the amazing Baabara Toilet Roll Holder, a huge selection of farm and animal style footstools, a selection on country themed doormats and so much more!

Because there are so many products in this store I have carefully selected those products that I believe are ‘must haves’ for all country loving gals -Young and slightly older…

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

This is Nessie

We are all aware of the welly boot prints aren’t we? Well, I have found the original genius behind the original welly boot print that has taken the country scene by storm and I am so glad to be supporting and featuring her and her beautiful work here.

This is Nessie created a beautiful welly boot print that can be personalised for each person/family, and that any country loving family would be sure to love and her vision was right! Whether you’re looking for a gift for a farming family, a family who enjoy gardening, walking the dogs or just like to go for welly walks this personalised print will surely be greatly received!

The brand has now developed from the framed print that it started out with to so many products from tea towels to notebooks, so you will find something for everyone here and whatever you choose will make the perfect present for a very lucky person!

Take a look at the website to see everything they do but here are a few things in the original design that I have handpicked for you…

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife



I first came across Wrendale Designs in a garden centre in Wales where I stood for what felt like an hour and admired the notebooks, cards and mugs. They were stunning.

To me, there are a lot of country animal inspired designs cropping up all of the time but nothing captures it quite like Wrendale. Another brilliant idea born from the farm Hannah Dale first started capturing the rabbits of Lincolnshire and their many expressions on paper. This soon moved on to foxes, ducks and pheasants to name just a few but the exquisite quality has remained as high as ever.

I love Wrendale and any of their products would make the perfect gift.


Visit the shop.

I could just keep going and going but realise that eventually you’ll need to go back out to check the cows or feed your family so i’ll just share a few more things that I think will make the perfect gift this year. And if any of you happen to bump into Farmer Ben please do let him know that i’d be happy with any of these beautiful products from some amazing British, country loving companies!

Beautiful Belt by James Grace Devon

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

The Grace Belt, by James Grace Devon, is to die for!

Personalised Grooming Kit Bag by Apatchy London

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

These grooming kit bags would make the perfect gift for any horse lover and come with a range of colours, designs and badges to personalise it, making it extra special.

Beaumont & Bear

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Beaumont & Bear are smashing it for the teens and twenties!

Say It With A Sign

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Say It With A Sign have some lovely ideas for gifts that will last a lifetime!

Farmer’s Wife Bee Balm

Gift Ideas for a Country Lass The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Of course I can’t leave out my own products can I?

The Farmer’s Wife Bee Balm  would make a lovely gift, much like many of my items…Check them out!

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