Go Crazy 2018

Go Crazy 2018

So we finally did it! And what a night!!

On the 3rd November 120 Crazy Farm Wives and their Farmers came together for a night of laughter, alcohol, dancing and of course raising £1803 for charity too!

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

It felt like I’d been planning this night forever and that it was never going to actually come around! But at last it did and it was a huge success!

The idea of having an annual party started when somebody said to me that we should have our own AGM… just an excuse for a good night out! So I thought why not? Farmer’s and their wives tend to not get out much, I thought this would be a good excuse get dressed up, let our hair down and have a bloody good night out! So I got to organising…

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

The Venue

The event was held at Hatherley Manor Hotel & Spa… what a stunning venue! A beautiful Manor House, bursting with character and it just seemed so fitting. The hotel has just had a brand new spa built onto the side and so many of the ‘Crazies’ (and their farmer’s too!) took advantage of the new facilities, treating themselves to nails and massages and using the swimming pool and sauna etc, this just added to the perfect weekend.


So, the evening started at 7pm in one of the hotels event rooms which was decorated of course in our pink and navy colours! The room looked great and we had a bit of a theme… a couple of weeks prior, when sorting out the songs list for the DJ I thought I’d just google songs with the words ‘A Farmer’s wife’ in them and I came across a Jayne Denham song, it was perfect, literally every word was a fit! So I decided I’d make a bit of a feature out of it. I got in touch with Jayne herself and she kindly sent me the song lyrics. I then had lyrics from the song printed onto posters which I had stuck up all over the room.

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

I also incorporated the chorus of this song into the awards part of the evening. Every time I gave out an award the chorus was played.

Anyway guests, once signed in and wearing their name stickers, were greeted with a bottle of beer or a yummy pink gin candy floss cocktail which everyone loved… Shame I was too nervous about doing the speeches to have one but I’ve heard nothing but good things!

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Everyone looked absolutely amazing that evening, nobody would have been able to tell that we are all welly boot wearing, hair scraped back in a ponytail, straw in bra kind of girls by day! The room was glamorous and the vibe was amazing.

To think that nobody actually really knew each other (in the flesh anyway) was hard to believe as looking around the room I just saw my friends. Yes some women were nothing like I’d imagined, talking to some of them for years you build up an image of what they’ll look like and how they’ll talk and then when you come to actually saying hi in the flesh you’re boggled when they turn out to be totally different! It’s a funny feeling!


Kris Band from R.A.B.I kicked the night off with a quick chat about what the charity does and how they can help farming families. I asked Kris to come along as I believe that Farming folk still don’t really know what the charity can do for families who are struggling and what better opportunity to spread the word than in a room full of farmer’s!

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

The Awards

I thought it would be a great idea to have a little awards ceremony on our first ever Go Crazy event, nothing too formal but just a fun way of highlighting the people who give so much to the group and a way to thank them for all of their input.

And so, our first double award – Crazy from the Start went to Amy Price Andrews and Lucy Davies for their love and support for over three years!

The Crazy Sidekick Award of course went to Rachel Edwards! Rachel has been admin on the group for about two years now. I don’t think we’ve ever disagreed yet when it comes to decisions and direction. She is so passionate about the group I’m so happy that she has stuck around!

Sophie (our final admin) unfortunately couldn’t be with us at Go Crazy as she’s about to bring new life into the world! But I arranged a little surprise for her too.

The Crazy Traveller Awards went to our Scottish and Irish Crazies who travelled so far to meet their Crazy mates – Emma Dennison and Jasmine Mackinnon!

The Crazy in Love award was given to Kay Pritchard, simply because when you’ve been with a farmer for 37 years you need a free drink and an award! Kay, you’re an inspiration!

Joy Batkin and Sue Oliver picked up the Crazy Contributor Award for everything they give to the group and how much they are thought of.

And then finally the time came for our Crazy of the Year Award… “Our Lucky award winner gets to take home the first ever Crazy Daisy Pitchfork Award!!! So who is it? This Crazy has melted the hearts of all of us. She has gone through so much already in life and still it feels as if the world just won’t cut her any slack. Still, she has the most beautiful family and supportive partner and although she faces huge obstacles and ill health she still gives her all to fellow crazies. She always has time for her online friends and always tries to help them even when she actually needs the help herself. I love and admire you Tiffany Proctor and I am so pleased to be awarding you the first CRAZY OF THE YEAR!!”

It was decided prior to the awards that the county to receive the Air Ambulance raffle donation (because you can only give to a county unlike R.A.B.I where you can send it to head office) would be the county of this years Crazy of the Year award. Therefore this years donations will go to Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Guest Speakers

I struggled to think of a guest speaker. Nobody seemed to be the perfect match for a room full of farmers and they’re wives. In the end it came to me, surely a couple of Crazies getting up to say a few words about how this group has helped them or affected their lives would be perfect… Thank you so much to Emma Dennison and Tiffany Proctor for your beautiful words. They brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

The hog roast went down well with many people agreeing, like me, that they don’t like formal sit down events when they don’t know anyone else in the room. It was a nice relaxed atmosphere which was really important to me. I didn’t want anybody feeling awkward.

The raffle was a huge success and some incredible prizes were won! For the list of prizes and winners please click here.

Chloe’s Speech

There was only one thing left before the real party could start… my speech! The thing I’d been worrying about for weeks leading up to the night. I hate the thought of speaking in public and have never been so close to vomiting, I really don’t know how I didn’t!!

“I want to start by saying a huge thank you to each and every one of you for taking time out of your ‘crazy’ lives to come together tonight.

We’ve been chatting a long time now. Some of us for over three years!

We have formed friendships, some of us have shared our deepest secrets and feelings, and we’ve all shared our lives.

Our hectic lives are what brought us together in the first place, and the fact that we all did one thing the same…I’m talking about all of the men in this room… We all chose a farmer.

Before I go any further I’d like to just have a drink to all the farmers here and throughout the UK… You aren’t thanked enough (and probably never by your BETTER halves).

It takes a lot to be a farmer. To get up every day come rain, snow and drought, to work around the clock with little or no contact to the outside world, to have to be away from your wife and kids to feed the stock, work the fields, to keep the family farm going in hard and uncertain times.

Let’s raise a glass to our men for a moment and appreciate what they do.

Now ladies, raise your glass again and have an even bigger swig… because this one is for us for putting up with them!

Over the last three years one thing has become very clear… They are literally a breed of their own!

I’ve lost count of the sock posts that I’ve uploaded to the group, Farmer Ben is a nightmare for leaving them laying around the house!

How many of us have found nuts, bolts and bailing twine in the washing machine? Hell one wife even found a lambs tail!

Who finds straw everywhere, like everywhere? And let’s not even start with the dirty hands prints on the walls and doors where he leans to take his boots off!

Christ, take another gulp ladies!!

Silliness aside, and before I get too drunk, the group was formed to bring people together, to help in times of darkness, to form friendships and share the good times with other ladies who just ‘get us’ and our mad but amazing way of life!

It’s become a huge lifeline for thousands of women and it blows my mind every day. I am so proud of it.

So tonight let’s relax and let loose (something we don’t get to do too often), get to know one another in the flesh and have a bloody good night!


And so the party started…

There was dancing, there was banter and 1am soon came around and although most of us were still left it was time to call it a night, or take the party back to your room! We pulled the two Crazies down from the tables they were dancing on, we collected up our shoes that were ditched by most within the first hour and we searched for the missing inflatable pig who was last seen driving the Kubota tractor but suddenly vanished until an Instagram picture later revealed a little girl was the proud new owner… I’ve since decided that the piggy’s name is Horace Ham!

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

This is where I sign out because what goes on at Go Crazy stays at Go Crazy! But head over to the gallery to see some of the night in pictures!

I had a blast but most importantly I am so so glad that everyone else did too. I thank each and everyone of you for travelling and taking the time out to come and give something brand new and quite scary a go. It was awesome… until next year!

Chloe x

Special thanks to:

Nic Tucker at Tie a Wish who so kindly made the beautiful Go Crazy Charms for the goody bags.

Our amazing sponsors NFU Mutual Kettering for sending the travel cups, pens and badges and for their ongoing support and trust.

Fairfield’s Farm Crisps who not only gave a box of their delicious crisps as a raffle prize but also for giving us enough for the goody bags and to pop some on the tables too!

Say it with a Sign who gave a fab raffle prize of a personalised sign but also made one especially for Go Crazy!

Hollie Crawshaw Photography for covering the event.

Hatherley Manor, especially Bernie, who went that extra mile to make sure it was perfect.

And of course my amazing family who came along even though they aren’t farming stock, to man the welcome desk, give out the name stickers, sell raffle tickets and for just being there for moral support. I am so lucky to have such an amazing family.

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Go Crazy 2018 The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

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