Lambing with a Toddler

Lambing with a Toddler


There seems to be a lot of mummies tackling lambing this year with the added pressure of a toddler at their hip, or under their feet!

I’ve been asked so many times “how do you manage at lambing time with two little ones” so I thought I’d share my ‘top tip’…

Those who have already experienced lambing time with small people will definitely know the challenges you face when you have a busy lambing shed to deal with as well as making sure your own little lamb doesn’t attempt to swim in the water tank, or climb into that one pen that’s home to the bat shit crazy ewe that will try to kill!

It can be quite a challenge, so you need to make sure you’ve thought ahead.
Haven’t done that yet? No fear, here’s my TOP TIP… PEN THEM UP!
No, I’m not joking!

Lambing with a Toddler The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

We always turn the end pen into a playpen now. Fully equipped with:
-A big pile of straw for jumping in, sliding down and climbing on.
-Toys (tractors of course. Gardening toys are fab too. Wheelbarrows, rakes for the straw etc)
-Snacks are an absolute must!

Pens are really handy if you kit them out with lots of distractions. Of course, farm kids are expert climbers but the pens do slow them down a bit!

Lambing with a Toddler The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

If your little one is even smaller and not walking yet then pop a jumperoo or activity centre in the pen. And babies are a breeze, they sleep sooo much!

Lambing with a Toddler The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Bigger tots when not in the pen will thoroughly enjoy being given jobs like filling the water buckets and putting fresh straw in the pens too. And of course, sticking them in the orphan lamb pen provides hours of fun!

But ultimately yes, you HAVE to have eyes in your butt!

Happy lambing! 😊🐑

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