Let’s Talk… Farm Prams

Let’s Talk… Farm Prams

It’s one of the most asked questions between Farm Mummies… Which is the best pram for the farm?

It’s a really important question actually, and one that you need to get right!

I stupidly (when going through my TOWIE stage) chose to get a Silver Cross Wayfarer for our first child and man was that a stupid idea!! Absolutely no suspension, and with rock hard and tiny wheels, it was perfect for walking down smooth pavements when I went into town (which was once in a blue moon) but try to get it up the yard and poor Hugo was shaken around to within an inch of his life!!

It was not one of my finest decisions, so that was soon replaced with a Bugaboo Donkey – A much more suitable choice!

Let's Talk... Farm Prams The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

The Shaky Silver Cross

The pram you choose for the farm is vital. It needs to be comfortable enough for babies and toddlers to sit in for a while, whilst mum does whatever she needs to do on the farm. They need to have big, durable wheels and they need to have good suspension for all of that uneven ground!

So we asked our Crazy Farm Wives what they’re top 3 favourite prams for the farm were, and here’s what they said…

Out n About Nipper

This seems to be by far the most popular choice for our farm mummies and we can see why!

Here’s what the websites tell us…

It’s 360 degree swivel front wheel makes manoeuvring around town a piece of cake but it can then be locked off to make off-roading easier. It has a robust and lightweight aluminium frame which folds compactly for easy handling and transportation. It’s suitable for ages newborn to 4 years, is travel system and carrycot compatible, has independent rear suspension and has a multi-position reclining seat which also lays flat.

And here is what our Farm Mummies had to say…

“The pram is ace! I had the newborn insert for the pushchair but you can also attach a maxi cosy car seat. The pushchair goes everywhere. It has a basket underneath and you can purchase an extra one but I went with the one on the handle bar which is great for a cup holder!” says Vicky. She also adds that the wheels can be removed to make it more compact if needing to fit into small cars or spaces… Hers is currently behind the driver’s seat in the pick-up!

Joanne says “I’ve used mine for both kids. Its great on the farm, goes everywhere and seems comfortable for the children. I am hoping that if we have another baby it will be used again. The only downside I found was it punctures but that would be the same for any pram with pneumatic tyres. Just get the tyres filled with slime and have a puncture repair kit handy!”

Lynda is really impressed with her version 3. She says “I keep it in the kitchen to pop my baby in whenever I need to go out to the yard or do an outside job. It lays flat so I was able to use it from when he was tiny. It’s very lightweight and is fab to push on our very rough driveway. I also take it across the fields when I’m doing the horses. It has two zip pockets on the hood which are handy for your phone, keys, wipes etc. The only downside is it has a very small net basket underneath. But overall I am so pleased that I bought it and am looking forward to trying it out at the ploughing matches and shows later in the year!”

And finally Anna thinks that this pram is brilliant for farm life due to the five point harness and the fact that you can lay it flat for newborns. She says “The three large wheels are brilliant for travelling over grass, tracks and ruts. Benjamin and I happily feed the pigs and chickens, or take a picnic to farmer.”

So how much can you get yours for?

Let’s face it, not many of us are going to want to buy brand new, but if you do then you can get yours new for around £220 with www.preciouslittleone.com offering it at the cheapest rate at the moment of £219.00. This includes free delivery and a rain cover.

If you don’t want to spend that kind of money on a pram that won’t be leaving the farm then you can pick one up on ebay.

Buy It Now offers start from £90 and auctions start at just 99p!

Let's Talk... Farm Prams The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

  • Jane Slalom Pro

What the website’s say…

A lightweight aluminium frame and swivel front wheel mean it’s a dream to manoeuvre. The cosy padded seat is fully reclining meaning baby can easily drift off to sleep. The winter canopy converts into a movable sun canopy by simply unzipping a panel – meaning you can protect delicate young skin from bright sunshine.

Here’s what our farm mummies told us…

Charlotte really loves hers and has a lot to say about it! “The Jane Slalom Pro is great for the farm for several reasons. 1. The wheels and suspension are great for going over rough terrain and through muddy fields, as well as being a nice comfortable ride for my baby. 2. For its size the pram is really light and easy to manoeuvre, which is great when I need to push the pram and lead the pony or the dog at the same time. 3. It has a really good breaking system and you only need one hand for it. 4. As well as being a really comfortable and robust pram it is really easy to clean – The wheels being very easy to wash with the pressure washer, and the seat/hood/handle bar material can all go into the wash which is really handy!”

“One massive advantage of the Jane pram is that you can use a lay flat car seat so there’s no need to wake baby up if going in the car, or getting out of the car! You can also get a mattress for the car seat so it doubles up as a carrycot/mosses basket too; the car seat goes from lying flat for a baby and then converts to a rear facing seat for babies up to 18 moths, so it’s a brilliant investment.”

“The pram seat virtually lays flat so can be used from a very early age and goes up to 3 years.”

Helen adds “I love them because they go anywhere! Any field, through the brook, in the shed… You name it, it went there! They’re very roomy and gave the kids plenty of space to grow. The hood is a good size to protect from rain/sun/snow too! I took the double to the Royal Welsh Show and was knee deep in mud but it was no problem, I noticed everyone else was getting stuck but me! It was pricey but it was worth every penny”

Where to get yours…

You can’t get this pram new anymore but you can pick one up for pennies on eBay with second-hand prams starting at just £45 and going up to £270 for the whole travel system.

Let's Talk... Farm Prams The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Out n About

iCandy Peach All Terrain

What the website’s say…

The iCandy Peach All-Terrain multi-functional travel system offers functionality beyond measure; from the compact one-hand folding and the quick release front wheel, to the modern easy lie-flat carrycot and one-hand folding chassis. This pushchair system has all the manoeuvrability, functionality, and style a new parent could wish for.

Whether you’re walking the streets of London or exploring the local countryside, this all-terrain buggy has a 3 wheel travel system and is the perfect off road pushchair for adventurous parents. If you’re looking for the best way for your child to join in with as much of your life as possible, you’ve just found it. With a choice of two fabulous colours, Eclipse and Pace, The iCandy Peach All-Terrain comes with a range of sporty accessories and is perfect for active families on the go.

Our farm mummies say…

Alaw has not one but two of these fab prams, she says “It’s a robust three wheeler which is really sturdy especially on rougher ground. It turns in small spaces, the carrycot has plenty of room and the hood is great for optimal shade. It’s not the cheapest of prams but is well worth spending, in fact I bought a second for the farm because I love it so much! It also has plenty of basket space for essentials such as tags, fly repellent etc. It has an integrated hand pump if a slow puncture occurs!”

Farrah tells us “I’ve taken it across fields wet and dry. It’s got inflatable tyres and the front wheel has a locking system which helps over bumpy terrain. It’s easy to hose off and easy to fold up and pack away too!”

Get yours…

Brand new you can get yours for around £725 with cheapest currently being sold by baby planet for £699.99. This price includes the pushchair, carrycot, seat liner, rain cover and free delivery.

A preloved iCandy on eBay starts at around £50 for the basic pram and carrycot, and goes up to around £600 for the whole travel system.

Thank you to all of our farm mummies that took the time to review their prams for us. There really is no one better to ask than the ladies that have tried and tested them down on the farm!

Our top 3 prams all have a few things in common… They’re all strong and robust, have big inflated tyres and great suspension. So whichever pram you choose for the farm, whether it be one of the three above or an entirely different one, bare those common traits in mind and you shouldn’t go far wrong!

More prams recommended by our farm mums include:

Mothercare Urban Detour (No longer being made)

Phil and Ted Dot Chilli

Bugaboo Donkey and Gecko

Mothercare Xtreme

Stokke Trailz

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