Paediatric Nurse

Paediatric Nurse

“Any tips for a child that gets frequent ear infections, he struggles with them a lot”

If your child has repeatedly had ear infections has a swab been taken to identify the bug that is growing to get the correct abx and causing the infection? Do they go swimming a lot consider ear plugs. And if its a regular occurrence Ask your GP for a ENT referral. To rule anything abnormal out.


“Do kids tend to grow out of eczema? Shortly after my little boy was born he started suffering with eczema in the crook of his arms and legs and behind his ears. Will it improve as he gets older or is he stuck with it?”

Children’s Eczema can be controlled and skin can recover. The problem is parents put cream on once a day when the skin needs to be hydrated day in and out. Kids need to be greasy. If affecting your child so much ask your GP to review what lotions and creams your using and possible ref to dermatology.


“How should you treat minor cuts on children nowadays? Because we live on a farm I’m always aware that we live in a dirtier environment than most. I’m fairly laid back and don’t usually put a plaster or anything on minor abrasions but should I?

Cuts should be cleaned with soap and water as soon as possible esp where there is a possible of contamination. They should be covered when in a dirty enviroment but un covered to allow to dry as much as possible. Tetanus immunisation is a must.

If wounds look angry or signs of infections see medical advice via GP.


“My 4 year old seems tired a lot. He has an active lifestyle and eats good healthy food. Is it just that he’s growing at the moment?

He’s 4 he will get tired its normal. Average sleep for a 4yr old is 11 to 14hrs some sleep longer and some manage on less, Some 4yr old still nap during the day and some dont. If he has any other symptoms seek medical advice.


“My little boy who is 4 seems to have a phobia of pooing on a toilet? Any suggestions?”

This is quite common starts at an early age … everytime our children Poo in their nappy from an early age we unintentionally drum it into the its not nice ie when changing them we say thing that imply it smelly, dirty and not nice., this is the start we should make a fuss and make them believe we have won the lottery when we are dealing with a soiled nappy. Make a fuss of then when they do. Big toilets can be frightening, do you use a childs seat you can buy a toilet seat that has two seats built in one for children and a normal one. Just keep going with him and dont stress as you will stress him too, reward him when he does.


My little girl who is 2.5 still won’t sleep through the night Any tips?

My boy was 3 and a 1/2 before he slept a night. Do you have a bedtime routine ? Is she waking because she thirsty/hungry/ wet?

As parents we want our sleep and will fetch then into our beds or get in with them for peace and then they know they can have cuddle with mum and dad who wouldnt at that age. Consistency is the key put back to bed and make sure expectations are age-appropriate.


“Any suggestions on how to cut kids toe nails??

Start from a young age. Do it when they have just had a bath the nail will be softer or what about filing them. No other tips.


I’m wanting to learn baby first aid ready for when I have a little one which includes CPR on babies, what’s the best way to find out about this, is there a NHS course or is this something I would have to look at and fund privately?

Contact your Local NCT group (National Childbirth Trust) they run life support groups. I don’t recall the NHS running a course but i may be wrong. When you do have a little one i think the antenatal classes do include some teaching on the subject.



Final point, YOU know your child better than anyone else and if you’re worried please seek medical help and stand your ground, stay calm and explain clearly what is worrying you.

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