Product of the week

Product of the week

So it’s that time of year again and my two year olds eczema is slowly starting to creep back. Yesterday I cracked open the bee balm again and I can already see a difference.

It’s because of Teddy’s eczema that I found this incredible stuff in the first place after having tried nearly everything in the book! Some things we tried made it horrifyingly worse, some made no difference at all and others made it much better… for two days and then it was back with a vengeance!

Then I found this amazing product, in a day the dryness had gone and the redness reduced. In just over a week it was totally gone and stayed gone all summer!!! 😱 I know! I couldn’t believe it myself!

Product of the week The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Our balms are 100% natural and are made here in England using bees wax from British bees.

Our balms come in a choice of two scents – Lavender and lemongrass. They are excellent at protecting the skin from the elements and are amazing at smoothing rough patches of skin.

Product of the week The Crazy Farmer\'s WifeProduct of the week The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Both scents include organic essential oils that can help to calm, ease and restore the mind. I use them a lot on my pulse points when feeling anxious or stressed and instantly feel the difference.

These award winning balms have been developed using a unique blend of beeswax, rice bran oil and olive oil to make a balm that protects but is not greasy like many balms. The organic botanical oils nourish the skin. There are NO mineral oils and NO lanolin in our balms, unlike many other brands.

Try it for yourself! Many customers have and have seen huge differences. One fellow farm wife bought one for her husbands nasty post surgery wound on his knees that wasn’t healing well. She took to using a lemongrass balm daily and the results were amazing!!

Product of the week The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Before use

Product of the week The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

After a couple of uses

You can get yours here!

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