Snow Boot Review

Snow Boot Review

I’ve been trialling these snow boots for several weeks now, and this is what I thought of them…

Okay, so looks wise they aren’t pretty are they? And I must admit I did get a few funny looks from some of the mums at school… I honestly felt more like I was going to ride a motorbike rather than a horse (what they are originally designed for) but I kept at it as let’s be honest, the majority of us don’t really care what we look like when we are on the farm. I was after a pair of boots that might finally solve my freezing foot problem. So I stuck at it…

Wearing them around the garden and yard, to do some bits and bobs I found they were really comfy and they did do what I’d hoped they would do – they kept my toes warm! It was an odd feeling for me as I have honestly never found a pair of boots (or socks) that stop the cold, and the agony that comes with having cold feet! I was happy!

Next of course I had to put them to test on the farm…

I’ve got to say, they are quite clompy and I found running around in them quite difficult at first. They seemed to be making life harder BUT I did get used to this after a while and so the clompiness wasn’t so obvious.

The other thing I noticed when out and about on the farm was my heel moved up and down in them, despite them being the right fit. I don’t work everyday on the farm so it’s something I’d put up with, but if I were to work everyday I can imagine they might make my feet quite sore from this. Come the end of March I’ll be lambing day and night so I’ll be sure to update you on this!


These boots are made for riding, and come with a padded inside leg for this reason. I haven’t got around to riding in them yet but can imagine that you might struggle in the stirrup due to the size, and again clompiness of them. There’s no doubt though that if you did get them in the stirrup they would be warm and comfy, and there’s good movement around the ankle too allowing enough flexibility! Again, once I’ve been out in them I’ll update you.

Snow Boot Review The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Keep or bin?

These boots cost me £21.99 from Amazon and honestly that’s the sort of price I am happy to pay as I don’t wear them everyday, and if they don’t last more than a year I’m happy to pay it again for another pair next year!

I like that they are warm and lightweight, and that they are long in the leg – keeping your whole leg warm and offering the same amount of support as a welly.

I like that they are adjustable all the way up the leg – making this a good choice for wider calf!

I wasn’t keen on the look, though I can get over that aspect on the farm, I’m sure Farmer Ben and his dad don’t really care too much.

And I’d be concerned that if I wore them every day they may rub my feet.

Overall, I’ll be keeping them!

You can get yours here – Bow & Arrow Boots

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