The Farmer’s Christmas Wishlist

The Farmer’s Christmas Wishlist

Now it’s officially December, it can only mean one thing! Christmas!! Christmas on the farm is very different to a ‘normal’ person’s idea of the season. My friends get excited for the parties and night outs, spending time with the family, presents and all the time off work. However, you will all understand that life on the farm can’t come to a sudden stop just because of festivities! Just imagine if there was a stop/start button though; how many problems would that solve?! No waiting for the hubby to finish feeding the cows before present opening or the big dinner not being spoilt by that one cow deciding to calve! It’s the little things I feel others take for granted. However, it can be stressful thinking of a present for the ‘farmer who has everything’. As long as they’re on their farm with their cows or sheep, the majority of farmers are as happy as a pig in muck! But they work so hard and deserve to be spoilt once in a while! So instead of you stressing, I’ve came up with the farmers wishlist to give you a helping hand!



1- Radio
The Farmer’s Christmas Wishlist The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife
Many farmers work alone which can be lonely and boring, depending on the season the days can be long with the jobs repetitive. So you can’t go wrong with a good radio to keep him occupied. I can’t imagine milking in silence without being able to sing at the top of my lungs to a cheeky bit of heart 80’s! I bought my other half one last Christmas and it has came with us everywhere, whetherwe’re shearing, dosing or even just when the Land Rover radio won’t pick up a station! Also, another bonus is when he loses his temper over sheep or cattle you can turn the music up so you can’t hear him! 😉 My personal two favourites are the Makita DAB and Dewalt, there’s just so much choice with a digital radio when some stations seem to play the same songs! (*note – some radios don’t include a battery so double check)

2- Map of the Farm

The Farmer’s Christmas Wishlist The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

The farm is where he lives and works, his livelihood, so it is without a doubt most farmers favourite place to be. A company called Atlas and I make these personalised vintage maps with the choice of different silhouette designs such as ‘man and his dogs’, ‘tractor’ and ‘farmyard animals’. It’s such a personal gift that I’m sure he would love. For any of you crafty ladies out there, it’s also an idea I’m sure you could make yourself at home! Even more special!




3- Chocolate Tools

The Farmer’s Christmas Wishlist The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

What a great stocking filler! You’ll be asking yourself if you ordered chocolate or a small tool kit, they’re that realistic! This chocolate business creates small chocolate gift sets in the shape of tools, a horseshoe & file and so many others. The nut and bolt actually work! Let’s be honest who can say no to chocolate!




4- Battery Powered Grease Gun
The Farmer’s Christmas Wishlist The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

The perfect gift for the arable farmer or combine driver in your life! Also, it’s a great way to impress him if you’re not really into the machineryyourself as he definitely won’t be expecting it. However, if you have no idea what you’re looking for… Milwaukee and Dewalt seem to be mine and friend’s favourites and well worth a look!




5- Wellie Prints

The Farmer’s Christmas Wishlist The Crazy Farmer\'s WifeThe Farmer’s Christmas Wishlist The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

Another personalised idea which any farm/country family will love and treasure. Last year I even painted my own version for my mam. I know you farm wives can pretty much do anything, acting as midwife one minute, builder the next and seem to be a full time cook all the time; so I know you may not have time or be able to become an ‘artist’ as well! Don’t worry though this is where British Field Art come in! A small rural business that hand paints her personalised designs, unlike some of the larger, more expensive companies. Each print is truly unique with whatever you ask to be included; whether it’s pet names, some sort of hobby or interest or even something to remember a loved one. Be sure to check out her facebook page “British Field Art” for examples! Or go to her etsy page.




6- Clothing

I think you’ll know by now from the amount of dirty washing you’ve had to do, farmers get dirty! Some of the stains you tell yourself you’re better off not knowing what they’re off! Or maybe wonder to yourself, how on earth did he manage to get a hole there?! So no doubt you can’t go wrong with work wear. They all have their favourite tractor or machine so why not treat him to a fancy new pair of overalls. Or the classic present… a new pair of wellies or boots!


7- Magazine Subscription

What more could they want to live and work with they’re tractors and livestock…how about get to read about them every Friday!


8- Clay Shooting Day

Farmers work, work, work. So how about an afternoon on the clays trying something different! 


9- Power Bank/Portable Phone Charger

The amount of times I can’t get through to the other half because his phone has died is insane! The long hours whilst normally working in the middle of nowhere, isn’t a great combination with not being able to contact him. But save yourself the frustration and worry! A charger on the go means he can keep in touch with people easier, especially when he needs it! 


Well I hope you got some inspiration from my ideas and are feeling less stressed about what to get the farmer in your life!And if all else fails ladies, wrap yourself up in a bow… I’m sure he won’t say no to that!


The Girl in the Green Tractor x

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