Dancer turned Farmer

Dancer turned Farmer

I’m megan, a dancer turned farmer from Northumberland. Although I haven’t grown up on a farm, I spent most of my time as a child with our horses and most weekends in Cumbria and couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than outside!

Although my life is filled with sheep, cows and tractors now, I grew up as a “townie” with my world revolving around dance. In the past I would dance up to 8 hours a day with my spare time spent at shows, auditions, dance groups and my horses. But now I live on a dairy farm in Northumberland and if you ask a farmer what they do in their spare time, their answer will most likely be “what

spare time?” As I’ve learnt over the last couple of years being a farmer really isn’t a job; it’s a lifestyle! However, now I can’t imagine doing

anything else!

I know what your thinking… what a random career change! But I’m so glad I took the chance and went to college to study agriculture, which is also where I met my boyfriend. Throughout college, I tried to get my hands on any experience I could, from lambing to corn carting I loved it! However, being a woman in farming that grew up as a “townie” wasn’t easy, I always felt I had to prove myself and show people I was more than capable! All you girls will know exactly how it feels being told “you can’t because your a girl” or “your not strong enough”, but instead of rolling my eyes i love to see their face when their wrong!

I now live on a dairy farm in Northumberland

where my boyfriend milks around 900 cows.

We farm 300 breeding ewes of our own, with a

small herd of cattle we hope to increase with

time. We farm across Northumberland with

around 200 acres in Cumbria as well, so we’re

always on the move! I normally do seasonal

work for different farmers and milk cows in the

quiet periods. During the summer months, you

will normally find me bombing around the

north east in my tractor, probably with black

eyes and covered in grease/oil, in need a wash and some sleep, but I swear I don’t look like a zombie all the time! Despite the long hours, it is honestly my favourite season and wished it would last longer!

I hope you enjoy reading my point of view from the farm and can put a smile on your face, but if not I’m sure a selfie from the parlour head to toe in cow muck will!

The Girl in the Green Tractor x

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