Tropic Skincare Review

Tropic Skincare Review

A handful of our Crazy Wives were picked to test some fabulous Tropic Skincare products, and this is what they thought…

Products For Hands – £28.00
Testers found that the small tub that the hand cream came in is perfect for on the go, although that of course means that the product runs out quite fast.
Several mentioned the island smell and green colour, though understandably could be off-putting to some, really promotes that it is a natural product. With the fact that there are no nasty or hidden ingredients being its best selling point!

Here is what Mandy thought of the hand cream:
“The product arrived in a beautifully packaged bag, with bright red tissue paper, professional sticker and its own little cute bag. These small touches give such a professional feel to the product. The small pot is great to just slip inside your pocket and use ‘on the go’. It has replaced my nasty tube of hydrocortisone cream, which is awful to get out in public to treat your hands and has no smell. This Tropic potion is lovely and has a natural smell which is sort of ‘islandy’ and fresh. The product has drastically improved my skin in 7 days, from cracked red, dry and bleeding, to healed and smooth/ nourished. I would recommend this product to anyone with skin problems. I was weary of the product as I have tried everything going to reduce dryness and never been 100% satisfied however this product is the one I will be continuing to use forever now”

“Tropic – My skins’ saviour!! Before I found Tropic my skin was terrible! Greasy in parts and dry in others and I also struggled with spots too! Since using the products I have seen a huge difference. Yes I still get the odd spot but nothing like before and my skin is so smooth! Thank you Vicky from Tropics Skincare, I will never use anything else on my skin again!” T. Proctor


Tamanu Balm – £32.00Tropic Skincare Review The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife
This cream has been reviewed by many of the testers and there have only been one or two cons reported on. One being that the green colour of the cream could be a little off-putting to some. A second being that it is possibly too greasy to wear under make-up. There was also a 50/50 split between wives thinking that its earthy smell was a positive, whereas the remaining 50% found it a little too much.
However the testers all rage about its “magical healing powers” and how it has cleared up multiple patches of eczema on many testers, all varying in age with the youngest being 18 months old.
It is mentioned that it was very quick to sooth itchy skin and was even used on insect bites where it was found to have nearly vanished by the next morning!
Every single Tamanu Tester states that they will absolutely carry on using this cream and would 100% recommend it to a friend.
One wife used it for her acne and break-out problem and found that after just one week the spots had reduced in size and redness, and that by two weeks she had had no further breakouts!

“Great on dry and itchy skin. Fab stuff” Z. Williams


Travel Essentials – £38.00

The Travel essentials products have been a huge hit with all testers. The products come in a lovely natural bag to keep them in and with instructions for use too as it could be a little daunting for somebody not used to carrying out such facial regimes, but the booklet talks you through it all step by step. The oil included in the kit was a big hit with many commenting on the fact that it makes a great primer before make-up. The toner was liked very much as it is a spray on, so no need for cotton pads, just spray and let it soak in.

“Toner is sooo refreshing I could use it all day long” R. Craddock

This kit not only came with smoothing cleanser, vitamin toner, skin revive, organic elixir and lip love balm but it also includes a bamboo cloth to wipe away after cleansing. Many wives mentioned this as an added bonus to the kit.
“I have never looked after my skin properly and this was a first as far as skincare routines go. As a result my skin was dry around the T-zone, very patchy and dull. In just two days I saw life changing differences. I will no longer be afraid to leave the house with no make-up on as my skin now looks flawless! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find Tropic!”

As well as a couple of wives noting that the cost is a bit pricey, they also noted that the lip balm was a little dry, and the Elixir was a little heavy, but overall testers absolutely loved this kit and all testers would recommend it.

“Love the travel size products and they really do seem to go along way. You don’t need to use a lot. After the first couple of days use I came out in a break out but I only see that as a good thing as the products were obviously getting rid of all the toxins.
I really loved the vitamin toner and would really like to purchase some more once I have finished this one.
The smells of all the products are gorgeous. They could be quite strong for some but if you like/use aromatherapy oils you’re sure to love it.
Although the organic elixir was too heavy for my skin (Face) the smell was that lovely I may use it in the bath instead!” K. Watkins



A Walk on the Beach Collection – £24.00Tropic Skincare Review The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife

The product comes beautifully packaged and smells lovely. All testers comment on how easy to follow the instructions are and how relaxing the process was – something we farmer’s wives and partners don’t get to do enough!

“The results were amazing! With a huge transformation of my cracked heels in the first use and by the third session my feet are nearly perfect!” A. Hull

A negative for this product was the cost, although this wouldn’t stop the testers from buying in the future, or recommending to friends.


Tropic Skincare Review The Crazy Farmer\'s WifeSo Sleepy, Pillow Mist – £20.00
The most talked about positives for this product was its lovely smell…Which is a must if your head is going to be against it all night! And that a small amount went a long way.
This product helped Helen’s whole family. She says “It helped the whole house sleep! The smell is lovely and very calming however, it is quite strong, and so I decided to use it on my pillow 30 minutes before going to bed. This didn’t have any negative effect though and my 15 year old daughter disagreed, she slept on hers straight away!”




Super Greens Serum – £42.00Tropic Skincare Review The Crazy Farmer\'s Wife
We will just let this one talk for itself. Here’s what Jemma had to say…
“I didn’t know what to expect when trying this product. So many products ‘talk the talk’ but this one has actually made a difference!
I suffer with rosacea around my nose and chin, and broken capillaries on my cheeks. I also have acne scarring from many years of breakouts.
This serum has, so far, managed to massively reduce the redness over my whole face and my scars are now barely visible! My mum (often my harshest critic) has even commented on how nice my skin looks.
It has a funny sort of smell but you get used to it and it’s worth it to see the improvements!”

So we asked Jemma, would she use this product again? Here’s what she said,

“Absolutely. Using the Super Greens Serum has inspired me to take much better care of my skin. I’ve even gone on to purchase some other Tropic products which I also love! I am definitely a convert, that’s for sure!”

Says it all right?


Tropic Skincare Review The Crazy Farmer\'s WifeBody Smooth Refreshing Polish – £24.00

There were no negatives noted for this product. Testers loved the silky smooth feel that they were left with after application and note that it smells delicious!
It comes in a beautiful glass pot with wooden spoon, so is presented well and it is relatively long lasting. Testers agreed that they’d buy this product again and that they would recommend it.

“I use it every time I shower and can’t believe how soft my skin feels afterwards, but most importantly it feels nourished. I suffer with dry skin, mainly because I don’t usually bother with skincare, but after seeing these results I promise to continue letting Tropic care for my skin!” C. Williams



Check out the Tropic website where you will find the online catalogue for more details on the above products and more.

Thank you to Vicky Addison, Platinum Executive Manager 07776304530, for letting us test these fantastic products.

If you would like to purchase anything, or maybe you’re interested in working for Tropic, then please contact Vicky direct through her own website and not via the main web shop where she will be able to assist you further.

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